• Printed garments should be ironed inside out, avoiding ironing over the printed area.
  • Mostly clothes have logo of school on them. They could be printed or embroidered. These labels will easily peel off items if they are stretchy. It is advisable to put an additional layer between the iron and label to avoid scorching. We also offer embroidered labels or logos of schools.
  • It’s generally recommended that knitted items are washed inside out.
  • Knitted goods are inclined to to bobbling, some more than others. The main reason is friction or rubbing against another object and this does not necessarily mean that the garment is faulty.
  • Many garments do not need to be washed with fabric conditioner as this can compromise the lifespan due to their protective coatings. We recommend you refer to the washing instructions for guidance.
  • In case of any query u can contact us 01274 724676